MDMA Addiction Side Effects

MDMA addiction can cause some side effects both to the human brain and the body. The following are some of the common side effects with which people addicted to the substance should be prepared to deal.

Decreased appetite and sleep are common effects. After taking the substance, expect to have difficulties going back to sleep. Combination of these factors is what makes many students abuse the drug. Nonetheless, continued abuse of the drug has been attributed to causing depression, anxiety, amnesia and psychotic disorders.

The drug leads to enhanced physical activity, endurance and lower intake of fluids. This leads to dehydration of the patient which can lead to extreme exhaustion and, in worse cases. may lead to death. The mental and physical euphoria makes a person overwork and even sometimes engage in activities that may jeopardize their life or the lives of others.

MDMA Addiction Side Effects

MDMA can make the patient have increased heart rate that, in turn, leads to hypertension. The drug also induces fever that leads to increased sweating and perspiration. Despite the fact that the body is losing water at a fast rate through the perspiration; the patient does not feel thirsty, thereby leading to dehydration, that can lead to the development of several dangerous conditions.

MDMA also affect the eyes. Among the common effects on the eyes include pupil dilation. Normally, dilation is supposed to reduce the pupil when a person is exposed to light; but, in this case, it does not. However, the patient may have blurred or even double vision despite dilated pupil. In addition, ingestion of the drug induces a condition called nystagmus. This condition involves fast but involuntary eye movements and jittering.

Another common problem affecting patients include trizma and bruxia. The former refers to involuntary jaw clenching, while the latter refers to involuntary grinding of teeth. The patients are rendered incapable of controlling their clenching and grinding.

Induced nausea and emesis are other common affects you should expect. In addition to the patient having a suppressed appetite, they may end up vomiting the little food taken. Any combination of these factors can make the general health of the patient deteriorate at an alarming rate. The patients start losing weight fast.

Getting rid of urine becomes another problem. The drug disrupts the ability of an individual to get rid of urine. This is sometimes a major problem that requires medical assistance.

For males abusing the drug, they are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Initially, the drug enhances tactile sensations such as hugging, sex, caressing, etc.; but, over time it leads to decreased sex drive, infertility and premature ejaculation.

In some patients, the drug has been associated with causing liver damage that, in turn, leads to liver toxicity. It is not clear the extent to which the condition can, in fact, lead to damage of the liver; but, extended use of the drug is generally likely to induce severe side effects to the patient.

After the effects of the substance wears off, it can lead to negative emotions, anxiety and stress.

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